Girls Only Project

Dr Seun Adigun

August 28, 2022 Girls Only Project Season 1 Episode 38
Girls Only Project
Dr Seun Adigun
Show Notes

Dr. Seun Adigun, is a Nigerian bobsledder, and track and field runner (who specialized in the 100m Hurdles) is the first ever Summer & Winter Olympian from the continent of Africa. 

She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics, and then after founding the Nigerian bobsled team, went on to represented Nigeria at the 2018 Winter Olympics in two-women bobseld, becoming the first-ever Winter Olympians from the country.

Dr Seun took great interest in the how the body works and wanted to understand it for herself and help other athletes to better understand their own bodies. So, apart from her sporting achievements, he holds quite a few academic accolades: (all this before the age of 30)

  1. B.S in Kinesiology - Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology (University of Houston)
  2. M.Ed in Physical Education - Motor Behavior (University of Houston)
  3. M.S in Exercise & Health Sciences with a concentration in Fitness and Human Performance (University of Houston - Clear Lake)
  4. B.S in Human Biology (Texas Chiropractic College)
  5. Doctorate of Chiropractic (Texas Chiropractic College)

Dr. Seun currently treats professional and elite athletes as a chiropractor and biomechanist.

It was fantastic to get some insight into Dr Seun's mind and what motivates her to push the boundaries.

Please take a listen to her Ted Talk to gain some more insight into some of the things we spoke about: Conquer The Fear of The Unknown

Continue to follow Dr Adigun on her Instagram and check out her website:
Instagram: seun_msamazing